NZ shop develops NGO climate change campaign

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Wellington-based design-led full-service creative agency Creature played a key role in a new global viral campaign aimed at raising awareness of pivotal climate-change technology, out of Melbourne-based Global CCS Institute, a world authority on carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Global CCS says this new technology remains too un-recognised.

CCS is the process of injecting CO2 into porous rock formations deep below the ground where it remains permanently trapped.

In an acknowledgement to WWII Resistance efforts, the member-led NGO has launched a meme-led communications campaign which invites audiences to “Join the Underground”. It proudly proclaims that: “The answer to climate change is right beneath our feet”.

Limited resources
Global CCS Institute comms chief Antonios Papaspiropoulos says despite being a global NGO with offices in Melbourne, Washington, Tokyo, Beijing and Brussels, the institute has limited resources to spread its message.

“We are a membership organisation which doesn’t have the kind of mass media funding to match NGOs like Greenpeace or WWF,” he said.

“However, our climate change objectives remain largely identical. CCS is a CO2 mitigation technology that is proven to be pivotal in meeting international climate change targets. The trouble is, not enough people know about it. We need more support and that support can only be won by stepping up our advocacy efforts.

“With limited means, we thought, what about memes?

“The Global CCS Institute has worked with award-winning New Zealand agency, Creature Design, to develop a suite of virally transmitted memes which speak to myths and misconceptions about CCS, at the same time as emphasising its essential role as a climate change mitigator.

“Enthusiasm for this imperative piece of work is palpable. Here’s an organisation with limited budget but a vital global climate story to tell.”

Creature Design managing partner Brooke Ashton Taylor says the brief was an exciting one that was close to the agency’s heart.

“We’ve worked extensively in the energy sector but the enthusiasm for this environmentally imperative piece of work was palpable. Here’s an organisation with a limited budget but a vital global climate change story to tell.

“It’s been a very purposeful and rewarding project and we know it’s resonating with stakeholders.”

The memes, which were previewed on Chinese television to coincide with a major decarbonisation conference in Beijing this week, will form part of the institute’s policy action armoury as it engages in key climate change talks.

‘Talk precipitates action’
The latest meme speaks to this theme directly, striking out the word “talk” and replacing it with the word “action.”

Says Papaspiropoulos: “Talk is good and talk is necessary, but ultimately talk must precipitate action.

“We are very driven by the fact that climate change talks must lead to tangible results. Hopefully, these meme’s strike a chord with audiences and build a greater awareness about carbon capture and storage as a fundamental climate change technology.”

About the Global CCS Institute
The Global CCS Institute is an international membership organisation. Our mission is to accelerate the deployment of carbon capture and storage (CCS), a vital technology to tackle climate change and provide energy security.

Working with and on behalf of our members, we drive the adoption of CCS as quickly and cost effectively as possible by sharing expertise, building capacity and providing advice and support so that this this vital technology can play its part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our diverse international membership consists of governments, global corporations, small companies, research bodies and nongovernment organisations, committed to CCS as an integral part of a low-carbon future. We are headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with regional offices in Washington DC, Brussels, Beijing and Tokyo. For more information, visit

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