Arrivals & Departures

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Michael Te Young & Candice Hsu to join digital sales house: Viaduct Auckland-based ad2one has appointed former OMD digital director Michael Te Young to its senior management team where, in conjunction with Johanna Cotter, he will lead the expanding New Zealand team during the maternity leave of five-year incumbent NZ managing director Lisa Ison.

Blood shakes, brain ice creams work for TVNZ

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Celebrate the launch of new series iZombie, TVNZ sent its zombie-inspired food truck around Auckland last weekend. Free samples of specially created ‘brain food’ were served up by dead(ish) zombies to brave members of the public who were given the chance to #EatLikeLiv (iZombie’s lead character played by Kiwi actor Rose McIver).

Cannes names Kiwi jurors – again

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News stories in the Australian and NZ trade media on Friday “announced” that the Cannes Lions has appointed seven New Zealand jury representatives for the 2015 awards. This is not, of course, news – M+AD ran the story, with photos – under the heading Cannes taps seven Kiwis –over a month ago, on March 12 (when the information was first released by the Lions representative in NZ, Suzie Lamborne at Val Morgan).