Brand personality shines in hyper-real storytelling

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As the video medium continues to explode in popularity, Auckland-based hybrid creative Mardo El Noor – who describes himself as “a bespectacled, left-handed chai latte drinker” – is challenging norms by telling a story in one single frame.

His hyper-real portraits feature subjects swathed by an eclectic mis-en-scene, depicting scenes full of personality — and just a touch of madness.

El Noor is a director, animator, motion gfx artist, photographer, illustrator, & designer.

With social media algorithms factoring audience viewing time into determining a post’s popularity and reach, El Noor’s work poses an interesting (and almost where’s wally-like) solution to stop followers scrolling past.

“El Noor captures the culture, attitude and skill of the brands as well as the people behind them.”

The original, intricately detailed artworks coax the viewer to take another look.

El Noor, who works with brands such as Havana coffee and Monmouth Glass Studio, aims to capture the culture, attitude and skill of the brands as well as the people behind them.

“The combination of design elements creates a powerful brand message, packed with personality,” he says.

El Noor has collaborated with cartoonist Tom Scott, worked on video clips for artists Theia, Opshop and Salmonela Dub, and Push Push, and screened work at Milano Film Festival, Sitges Film Festival, and the NZ International Film Festival.

He’s available for commissions, contracts, & collaborations.

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