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AUCKLAND, Today: CBD-based creative independent agency Brandspank has launched – for property developer Winton – a large-scale multi-channel campaign to sell the vision for Sunfield, a radical car-less and solar-powered suburb in Auckland. The 90sec tvc goes to air during One News tonight.

Brandspank creative partner Kurt Bradley said: “Sometimes it’s best to just speak directly to the uncomfortable truth. What Winton are planning to do at Sunfield is really different, it takes a while for most people to get their heads around it.

“Once it is understood that the technology to create a suburb like this already exists, we can take our audience from ‘It’s all a bit far-fetched’ to ‘why aren’t we doing this already?’ ”

“Creative & media strategy was developed, approved, crew booked, production imminent in the following week. Then lockdown happened.

“With some intensive and non-cancellable media booked, including 90 second primetime TV spots, nerves and ability to innovate were tested.

Sunfield near Papakura will see 5000 home built – run entirely on solar power, and houses will not have driveways or garages.”

“When we moved to Level 3 in Auckland we knew with a bit of careful planning we could shoot but at that point there were no guarantees on how long that window would be. The script was tweaked to allow for social distancing, fortunately talent were still available and the team at Joy Inc pulled together a little miracle.

“Shooting during level 3 brought with it extra precautions and limitations not the least of which was less cast and crew. Two teenagers chatting on a bed became one and the bit in the script referring to the queue of people in the open home was massaged.

“Shot in a week, in post the week after and dispatched to station just in time for the booked media.”

Winton’s Chris Meehan said: “We wanted to present the idea that a suburb designed around people instead of cars is not some futuristic idea.

“It’s actually doable right now”

Sunfield near Papakura will see 5000 home built as part of Winton’s new approach to masterplanning. The suburb will run entirely on solar power and houses will not have driveways or garages.

Brandspank’s Steve Thomson: “People have been talking about doing this kind of thing for years so it has been exciting to be involved with a project where someone is being brave enough to actually get on with it.


Client: Winton
CEO: Chris Meehan
Agency: Brandspank
Creative Partners: Kurt Bradley & Steve Thomson
Account Director: Jamie-Lee Gombard
Strategy: David (DT) Thomason
Designers: Richard Unsworth, John Shepherd
Production Company: Joy Inc
Director: Tim Parsons
Producer: Jess Milne
Stills: Jae Frew
Media: Sneakers Media
Sound: Radiate
PR: Sonya Fynmore

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