Growth. Not snake oil

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AUCKLAND, Today: Stuff newspaper & partnerships GM Ben Rose left last month to establish The Growery, a business that focuses on revenue growth for NZ corporates. How’s it going outside the mainstream?

Ben Rose: The Growery is something percolating in my mind for quite some time, and addresses a very real gap for business wanting experienced partners who have been there, done that and can actually help them do what they need to – sell more.

“We’re looking to work directly with clients and to partner with agencies to enable them to add more value to their clients.

“Growing and sustainable revenues are the lifeblood of business. That’s why they’re so important to shareholders, ceos and executives of successful organisations. According to a 2019 Gartner survey, growth continues to top the list of ceo business priorities.

“So why is it so hard to find a expert partner who can really help you with this crucial part of your enterprise?

“Over the years as a sales, marketing and operations executive, I’ve employed many strategies and tactics to drive significant revenue growth whether direct to consumers or through intermediated sales channels. I’ve done that across multiple industry categories for a range of New Zealand’s best-known and most successful organisations.

“Our service is unique as it spans not just strategy creation but – crucially – ongoing execution.”

“I frequently looked for partners to come in and help us, but found there to be a glaring gap in the market.

“I wanted an end-to-end service: Experts I could work with as peers, who had been in my shoes; been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. People who were focused not just on delivering strategies (an input) but actually getting me the sales (the ultimate output). People who would stick around, become partners for the long term and live and die on the success of my business.

“What I found was a plethora of businesses in expensive buildings full of career consultants who were experts – at writing a beautiful strategy deck.

“Some created their deck from scratch, some used off-the-shelf templates developed within their companies over years of similar engagements. These beautiful strategy presentations certainly weren’t cheap, but once the excitement of the presentation meeting had died down, I was left with all of the same problems, just a new set of terminology and diagrams to describe them.

“This is why I founded The Growery.

“Our service is unique as it spans not just strategy creation but – crucially – ongoing execution. We are focused on collaborating with partners, not fleecing customers.”

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