WARC Grand Prix for FCB, Silvers for MBM

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LONDON, Today: FCB NZ has been awarded the Grand Prix for Best Use of Data, in the global WARC Awards. MBM NZ won two Silvers (in Best Use of Data and Effective Channel Integration).

FCB scored with Personalising Danger, a campaign for Water Safety NZ.

The WARC judges said: “By fusing historical, real-time and future data, FCB NZ built a predictive model to reduce deaths of young men from drowning. The campaign reached 95% of its target group and achieved zero deaths.”

“The campaign reached 95% of its target group.”

MBM’s successes came with Serato’s Data-driven Beatmaker Mission, and (with their creative content division, Breakout Room) Whittaker’s Crunch Time!

In total, WARC awarded four Grands Prix, 10 Golds, 17 Silvers, 25 Bronzes and 12 Special Awards honouring specific areas of excellence.

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