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AUCKLAND, Today: Flight Centre NZ has turned to the Aussies to add the finishing touches to its latest marketing makeover “just in time for the first green-zone flights from Australia to New Zealand”. 

“For the first time in nearly a decade, we are saying farewell to our old captain and welcoming a new face and image to Flight Centre” said NZ marketing manager Jodie Burnard. 

“‘The Captain’ has been an iconic figure of the travel company since it opened in 1982, and it’s only changed faces a handful of times. Flight Centre’s last captain, an actor, held the position since 2014.

“Our new captain, Tom, is a trained commercial pilot, avid traveller and longtime employee of Flight Centre. He’s accompanied by nine Kiwi co-captains (also Flight Centre employees) who represent the true diversity of our people and our customers.

“We’re taking the brand from a bit daggy – to fresh and savvy.”

“Given this campaign is all about showcasing the collective experience of our travel experts, it was important for us to tap into the talent within our own teams. Every face you see is one of our exceptional staff members.”

Brisbane-based Flight Centre global head of brand & marketing Darren Wright said: “It was time for the brand to reposition globally. We’re taking the brand from a bit daggy to fresh and savvy, appealing to a younger traveller as well as being there for our existing customers.

“Along with a new look, Flight Centre has departed from its tagline, ‘best in the air and everywhere’ to take on ‘experience our experience’.

“Between us we’ve quite literally been to every country in the world and hold thousands of years of travel experience. Now more than ever is the time to use that skill, expertise and trust that only a travel agent can deliver.

“Flight Centre’s new captain took off on the inaugural Air New Zealand flight from Brisbane to Tāmaki Makaurau, and is currently exploring the city.”


Concept and creative: Flight Centre NZ & AU (in-house)
Production: In Three Production (AU)
Website Microsite and takeover: Flip Digital Agency (AU)

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