French giant unveils new, targeted ad formats

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Auckland, October 20. – Gameloft Advertising Solutions, an arm of Paris-based global digital games company Gameloft, has unveiled new, innovative advertising formats: Minigame, FORM, SITE, VBAN, M-INT, as well as a new geolocation feature that matches advertising campaigns with users according to their location.

In a released statement, Parnell-based sales manager Max Freemynd said: “Armed with perfect knowledge of its consumers and its expertise in mobile platforms, Gameloft is proud to announce the launch of the rich media mobile ad formats”:

  • Minigame: A fun and innovative format customised to offer a total immersion in the universe of the brand.
  • FORM: An interstitial survey that allows clients to run customer recruitment campaigns and enhances their audience insights.
  • SITE: A unique showcase highlighting a product/brand in a manner adapted to the mobile environment, with all of the features a website can offer: 360° product view, photo galleries, customisation options, contact form, etc.
  • VBAN (Expandable Video Banner): A non-intrusive ad format with an in-banner video that is expandable, to spark audience curiosity. Users can interact with the video as it plays, maximizing engagement with your brand.
  • M-INT (Motion Interstitial ad): A transparent interstitial that displays your product animation. Ideal for engaging viewers with premium, eye-catching displays that stimulate brand awareness.

In addition to these new formats, Freemynd says Gameloft Advertising Solutions builds upon its targeting options that are already available (age, gender, mobile device and in-game surveys) with new features:

  • Geolocation using a combination of device settings, IP address and GPS Location Services, which enables the delivery of ad contents tailored to a user’s physical location.
  • Leveraging mobile usage data to define specific consumer profiles (travelers, online shoppers, movie buffs, etc.).

“In this manner, advertising campaigns delivered by Gameloft Advertising Solutions are even more adapted to consumers while ensuring advertisers an exceptional 100% visibility rate.

“Owner of its inventory, Gameloft offers a brand safety environment, allowing advertisers to benefit from a perfectly controlled display context. Transparency being at the heart of advertiser relations, Gameloft Advertising Solutions is able to integrate independent tracking (Sizmek, PointRoll, DoubleClick, etc.) and visibility measurement (MOAT, Integral Ad Science) into formats that comply with IAB standards (MRAID 2.0/VAST 2.0).

“With a monthly audience of over 172 million active players and an inventory of 9 billion mobile impressions, Gameloft Advertising Solutions offers a unique level of visibility and involvement to advertisers. To date, Gameloft Advertising Solutions has delivered over 300 campaigns for prestigious brands such as FOX, Samsung, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Kellogg’s, Unilever, Netflix, Ford and Air France, in over 33 countries around the world (North America, Latin America, United Arab Emirates, Europe, Asia, etc.).

“As part of its development, Gameloft Advertising Solutions will be further enriching its offer with the release of additional innovative ad formats over the coming months.

About Gameloft
A leading digital and social game publisher, Gameloft has established itself as one of the top innovators in its field since 2000. Gameloft creates games for all digital platforms, including mobile phones, smartphones and tablets (including Apple iOS, Android® and Windows devices), set-top boxes and connected TVs. Gameloft operates its own established franchises such as Asphalt, Order & Chaos, Modern Combat or Dungeon Hunter and also partners with major rights holders including Universal, Illumination Entertainment, Disney, Marve®, Hasbro, Fox Digital Entertainment, Mattel and Ferrari.

Gameloft is present on all continents, distributes its games in over 100 countries and employs over 5,200 developers.

Gameloft is listed on NYSE Euronext Paris (Euronext: GFT.PA, Bloomberg: GFT FP, Reuters: GLFT.PA). Gameloft is traded OTC in the US (sponsored Level 1 ADR ticker: GLOFY).

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