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AUCKLAND, Thursday: Lumo Digital Outdoor will be the first NZ customer for a new partnership between global tech platform AdMobilize and AI company Seedooh (based in Australia) that will enable the automated integration of two foundational data-sets, of increasing importance for brands.

For the first time, complete and independently verified out-of-home message delivery data will be instantly available, alongside high-fidelity, real-time audience data.

Lumo co-founder/ceo Phil Clemas said: “This is a key component of a number of initiatives we are putting in place this year, to give our team and our customers access to the data they need to plan and execute better campaigns.

“It’s critical for out-of-home to prove that it can both compete with, and complement brand messages in other media channels, particularly mobile and digital, but also TV and radio.

“Audience and message delivery metrics are both table stakes for the future of our sector, we look forward to bringing them together”

Seedooh’s independent verification platform uses low-impact system integrations proven at market scale, to provide complete and automated, best-practice verification of every play-out in a DOOH network or installation of a static poster.

The data is reported via a mature platform dashboard, enabling summary or granular analysis of every conceivable campaign delivery metric, including; share of voice / time, location, milliseconds on screen, spots in loop, creative execution / rotation, dynamic delivery reporting, and more.

“Audience and message delivery metrics are table stakes for the future of our sector – we look forward to bringing them together.”

AdMobilize’s computer vision and AI software can provide, in real time and 100% anonymously, data regarding audience impressions, demographics and overall engagement at scale.

AdMobilize founder/ceo Rodolfo Saccoman said: “Together with Seedooh, AdMobilize continues to drive the industry forward by excelling accountability in audience measurement and campaign delivery.

“AdMobilize’s suite of analytics and engagement products are designed to be ‘Plug and Measure’, enabling real-time audience analytics and intelligence to be instantly activated at scale on any software/hardware platform.

“Our partnerships, such as with Seedooh, exponentially advance our solutions in providing “truth metrics” across the global DOOH and OOH advertising landscape.”

Seedooh founder/ceo Tom Richter said: “It’s a logical next step for us to enable audience reporting alongside Seedooh’s verified play-out data.

“Our platform is designed and built to connect data and improve efficiency via standardisation, aggregation and automation. Independently verified proof of play data at scale provides a solid foundation on which to build rich, connected data-sets of high value in the data-led future of out-of-home and location-based marketing.”

About Seedooh

Seedooh is a fully independent technology platform specifically designed, built (and proven at scale) to provide complete and standardised reporting for buyers and sellers in the out of home industry. Since launch in Australia in 2017, Seedooh has provided third-party reporting on over 30,000 campaign bookings, by actively consuming, analyzing and verifying log level data from more than 50,000 continuously monitored panels – to over 2000 registered platform users. Seedooh has an alignment with PwC to provide further market confidence in the platform’s ability to independently verify the integrity of campaign delivery data.

About AdMobilize
AdMobilize, headquartered in Miami, with offices in London, UK, Colombia and Brazil is a venture-backed AI company with seamless solutions for implementing advanced computer vision technologies in the brick and mortar world.

About Lumo
Lumo Digital Outdoor is a national pure-play digital out-of-home advertising company. Founded by NZ media industry stalwarts Kent Harrison and Phil Clemas in 2016, Lumo has premium LED screens operating across Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch.

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