Comms Council welcomes ThinkTV launch

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At an agency and media event in Auckland this morning, TVNZ, MediaWorks and Sky TV joined forces to launch ThinkTV – a collective voice for the industry to promote the scale and effectiveness of television advertising in New Zealand. 

ThinkTV aims to help advertisers get the very best out of today’s TV. It will host events with international and local media experts and spearhead research that gives insights into viewing behaviour and the impact of advertising across free-to-air, subscription and digital television.

It’s the first time New Zealand’s leading free-to-air and pay TV players have come together to deliver a unified message to the market. It’s an area of common interest for all three, who will continue to compete vigorously with each other in the market.

Comms Council ceo Paul Head said: “There is overwhelming evidence of the power of TV and video to help build sustainable and profitable brands. TV remains a critical medium in this market. It is highly effective at telling stories that engage consumers.

“As an industry, building engagement is central to how we should be fostering long-term brands for our clients and we welcome the launch of ThinkTV as a powerful tool to make this case.”

Industry bodies Nielsen and the Comms Council have endorsed ThinkTV’s launch.

The chief executives of TVNZ, MediaWorks and SKY spoke about the future of television at the event.

“TV is a powerhouse for advertisers,” says TVNZ ceo Kevin Kenrick. “We’re setting up ThinkTV to acknowledge New Zealand advertisers’ significant investment in TV, and our ambition is to ensure businesses get fantastic returns from that investment.

“We welcome the launch of ThinkTV as a powerful tool for building engagement” – Paul Head

“ThinkTV allows the industry to speak as one and highlight how advertisers can leverage TV to reach the biggest audiences and deliver business results. In today’s world of multiplatform TV, we have more to offer advertisers than ever before whether that’s building brands, shifting perceptions or driving business sales.”

MediaWorks ceo Michael Anderson emphasised the importance of New Zealand’s major networks coming together in an environment of varied and confusing reporting within the industry.

“ThinkTV is a cohesive effort from local television broadcasters that demonstrates how television advertising in high-quality broadcast environments delivers unparalleled reach and scale in a regulated and brand-safe environment,” he said.

“It is a genuine milestone for our industry that we are uniting to launch ThinkTV, collaborating under a common goal to ensure certainty and clarity for advertisers.”

Sky TV ceo John Fellet said: “ThinkTV is a timely and significant initiative.

“Never has there been more quality content available to Kiwis and more choice and flexibility as to how content can be consumed, than right now. The research, tools and insights generated from Think TV will be invaluable in helping advertisers and their agencies get the best out of today’s multi-platform TV environment.”

At the launch event, MediaWorks’ chief commercial officer Glen Kyne was announced as the inaugural chairman. A representative of each major network will serve as chairman annually. ThinkTV will also appoint someone on staff to drive the group’s agenda.

TVNZ commercial director Paul Maher, and Sky TV director of advertising Rawinia Newton, join Glen as board members of Think TV New Zealand.

ThinkTV will be releasing more information, research reports and events. Sign up at for updates.

Nielsen executive director of media Caroline Atford said: “It’s exciting to see the television industry, both free-to-air and subscription TV, uniting together to provide advertisers and their agencies with evidence on how they can best reach and engage with their consumers. We will be working with ThinkTV on research that provides insights and clarity on television viewing behaviours for advertisers.”

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