Tom Cruise wings it in Place ep 1

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AUCKLAND, Today: Film Construction has released the first episode of Place, their film series showcasing New Zealand locations and filmmakers.

In Ep 1, producer Jozsef Fityus chats to Woody and Wayne – two of Central Otago’s pre-eminent mountain and river guides – about keeping film crews safe in the most dangerous of environments.

The film features Woody & Wayne taking Tom Cruise on a rather hairy flight, during the filming of Mission Impossible.

“Filmmakers talking to filmmakers. It’s rather a lovely conversation.”

Director Perry Bradley said: “We hear their stories about working in precarious and epic shooting locations. They chat about the dangers, the rewards and share a few behind the scenes yarns.

“When you’re up in some of these places, you’d be very glad to have Woody and Wayne by your side.

“They’re charming and engaging. Exactly who you need while filming in such incredible but fast-changing landscapes.

“Filmmakers talking to filmmakers. It’s rather a lovely conversation.”


Southern Safety Film and Events: Wayne Allen and Robert Wood –
Direct Rentals
Helicam Films
April written and performed by: Rhian Sheehan. Courtesy of Loop Media NZ
Created and Produced by: Film Construction

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