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Most of New Zealand’s top social media rock stars will be headlining the first 2017 #SMCAKL event – just one week away on Wednesday 15 Febrary, from 6-9pm at a new location, the IAG Building on Fanshawe Street.

#Smcakl (Social Media Club Auckland) is NZ’s largest regular live gathering of people interested in new digital media trends and best practices, where 200-300 come along on the third Wednesday of every month to ‘meet someone new, drink something cold and learn something useful’.

The 2017 #SMCAKL series promises “exciting partners and an new line-up of hot topics to help you to keep your finger on the pulse of the ever-changing social media scape”.

Next week’s topic is Influencer Marketing. There will be sponsored pizza, beer, wine and “a whole lot of interesting conversations” at this free-to-attend event.

What is it like to be an influencer? What does it take to become one and stay relevant? How to work with social talent? What are influencer trends and who will land then next big international deal with top global brand?

How do you come back from an epic public blunder? “We will answer these questions and more on 15 February,” says

Learn from our incredible panel all about influencer marketing latest trends, hacks and how to’s.

(words supplied by #SMCAKL):

Shannon Harris
Shannon is New Zealand’s leading beauty and fashion influencer, known for her hugely popular makeup tutorials on YouTube. Her channel Shaaanxo is the #1 Most Subscribed YouTube Channel in New Zealand, with over 2.8 million subscribers and 300 million views. Her authentic and open presenting style, along with her beautifully shot videos, make her an inspiration to millions of beauty fans around the world! Shannon will personally select 5 questions from our Facebook page and answer them in an exclusive video at the event. You can submit your questions before 9pm Fri the 10th here.

Jimi Jackson
Jimi is an actor, comedian and filmmaker from Auckland, with a passion for skit comedy. His raw and authentic presence online has gained him a hugely loyal and engaged audience, that’s allowed him to take his online comedy into the real world with sold-out comedy shows across New Zealand and Australia. Recently, Jimi found himself in hot water over a controversial Facebook post that got the media in a frenzy. What you say online is forever out there, whether it’s live, screenshotted or deleted. So how does one come back from it? Find out live at SMCAKL on February 15.

Torrell, who you may know from Cougar Boys, is a world traveller who shares his adventures with his loyal following on his Toravel social channels! Whether it’s a futuristic Instagram photo in Japan or an adventurous Facebook video from New Zealand, Torrell’s content constantly fuels his fans’ wanderlust! His recent epic travel montage passed over a million views on Facebook and continues inspiring travellers from  all over the world. He’s living the dream and is here to take you along for the ride.

Janessa Bartsch
Marketing manager of global beauty brand Benefit Cosmetics in New Zealand. Janessa is now a seasoned practitioner of marketing, so consider this your opportunity to find out how influencer marketing ROI compares to other traditional and nontraditional marketing channels in our local market. Find out how she evaluates potential influencer to brand partnerships and why Shaaanxo?

Julie Cooper
Julie is leading the way in how to manage and develop Social Talent in New Zealand, bringing traditional processes to the Wild West of social. In her role at Johnson & Laird Management (J&L) as head of their Social Talent division, Julie has worked on numerous campaigns, book deals, events, merchandise deals and more. J&L itself has over 15 years’ experience in managing some of the top actors and entertainers in New Zealand and were the first Talent Agency to represent Social Talent. Julie has her finger on the pulse and is keen to share her professional experiences..

Zlata K
CEO and a co-founder of Interlike she lives and breathes advertising and innovation, with a deep understanding of digital marketing performance, creative execution and social media. She possess a direct no nonsense approach to business and relationships and is guaranteed to guide the panel into a very interesting industry discussion. Be prepared as things might get heated and most likely non PC.

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