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Ad typeWeb size (pixels)Newsletter size (pixels)Pricing per month
Wallpaper1900 x 800$4000
Billboard1920 x 480850 x 213$3000
Leaderboard728 x 90728 x 90$2000
1st Rectangle300 x 250300 x 250$1400
2nd Rectangle300 x 250300 x 250$1200
3rd Rectangle300 x 250300 x 250$1000
4th Rectangle300 x 250300 x 250$800
5th Rectangle300 x 250300 x 250$600
1st News Post Banner620 x 160468 x 120$1200
2nd News Post Banner620 x 160468 x 120$1000
3rd News Post Banner

620 x 160

468 x 120$800

*All bookings are fully commission-bearing to recognised ad agencies.



Shockwave Flash

Flash files are not supported on certain mobile devices and flash usage in general online is declining rapidly. So for that reason we do not except them.

As from the 1st of September, Google’s Chrome browser has blocked Adobe Flash content. This comes on the heels of Amazon’s announcement that it would no longer support Flash-based ads on its websites. This follows several months of problems with Adobe’s Flash platform.

Static & Animated Banners

  • All .gif and .jpg files should be as no larger than (80k max).
  • Resolution should be 72 dpi
  • Format should be .gif .jpeg or animated .gif*
  • Looping is acceptable
  • Creative with a white background must have a border
  • Third Party HTML banners are acceptable. Creative files must be included with third party tags.

*Note: animated .gif ads may not rotate past the first frame when displayed in some versions of Outlook. We recommend any animated .gifs to start with a frame which will deliver the message.



M+AD’s job ads run down the right-hand column on the website home page (each ad turns to a dedicated page with links, images and logos).

All ads (up to 500 words + logo) cost $50.

Contact Kelly Lucas
021 996 529 (anytime)

*Note all rates are GST exclusive