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NEW YORK, Thursday: The advertising industry is a pioneer when it comes to gender diversity, ethnic diversity and mental health. However, one issue it tends to ignore is its liberal consumption of alcohol – while working from home.

The results of a new US poll show Adland was the booziest profession during the lockdown.

The survey conducted – worldwide, including NZ – by US site Fishbowl received close to 13,000 responses from people working for companies that included JP Morgan, Facebook, McKinsey, Tesla, Bank of America, BCG, Deloitte, Amazon, Edelman, Nike, Google, and KPMG.

“Ad professionals drank more than lawyers – who came second – and accountants who came a distant third.”

It posed the simple question: “Do you ever drink alcohol while working from home?”

Nearly a half (49.14%) admitting they were drinking, compared to most other professionals working from home (42%).

Adlanders beat off lawyers – who came second with 48.65% – and accountants who came a distant third with 39.13%.

Adwomen, too
Some 50.44% per cent of women who worked in advertising admitted they were drinking in lockdown, compared with 47.55% of their male colleagues.

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