Assignment takes viewers into the afterlife

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AUCKLAND, Today: Assignment has partnered with New Zealand insurer Partners Life has partnered to create the brand’s new story.

Assignment ECD Duster Andrew said: “The life insurance category is populated with cliched images of old folk sniffing flowers or making model planes in a dusty tool shed with their grandkids.

“Imagining a day when you’re not around is a hard thing to do but one day you’ll wish you had more time to get organised because no one knows how far through life they’re going to get.

“The ads don’t say ‘buy now’, or recommend a product.”

“With Partners Life you’ll be met with a refreshingly honest picture delivered in a funny, thought-provoking way.”

Partners Life MD Naomi Ballantynesaid: “We want to spark a major conversation with New Zealanders about the importance of risk and taking responsibility for themselves and their families.

“The campaign is about educating people. The ads don’t say ‘buy now’, or recommend a product. They are designed to raise a tide of awareness of the risks people face in their daily lives.”


Client: Partners Life (Naomi Ballantyne, Kris Ballantyne, Tony Arthur)
Agency: Assignment Group
ECD: Philip Andrew
Creatives: James Henderson/Chris Appelros
Producer: Marty Gray
Planner: Matt Kingston
Account Manager: Tracey Potter
Production Company: Finch
Director: Derin Seale
Producer: Sarah Cook
EP: Karen Bryson

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