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DDB’s latest TV work for Speight’s – entitled The Dance, shot by The Sweet Shop’s Steve Ayson – is a beautiful film, wrote Toygar Bazarkaya, CCO at We Are Unlimited, NY, the guest judge for this week’s edition of global site Bestadsontv.

“This one is classic story telling done well,” he said. “It managed to escape the silly joke of men dancing and display the genuine seriousness in the seemingly silly.

“It had me leaning in slowly until I couldn’t help but get choked up at the end. Love the restraint of the dialogue and the decision to let the shots stand and breathe.

Bazarkaya placed Speight’s second in the TV section, behind Channel 4’s Two Tribes by 4Creative UK. “Simple is hard. Funny is hard. This one makes it look easy,” he wrote.

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