Hyper partners with Bargain Chemist to launch Retail DOOH media network

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AUCKLAND, Today: Leading retail DOOH provider Hyper has unveiled “an exciting” new media partnership with Bargain Chemist.

The relationship will see Hyper deploy custom designed 65” digital screens across Bargain Chemists’ 20-store network, reaching 2 million+ health and wellness shoppers annually.

Hyper ceo Ben Partington commented: “We’re excited to partner with a home grown challenger brand like Bargain Chemist.

“We’ve been super impressed by their strategy and growth aspirations and have long desired access to the unique audiences that their retail environment offers.

“While multiple New Zealand chemist retailers operate their own trade investment programmes, Bargain Chemist will be the first of its kind to benefit from the technology and capability of a sophisticated retail DOOH operator.

“The digital screen rollout is underway and ad space on the network will be available for supplier and advertisers from 1 November.”

“Hyper’s rapid tech stack development over the past two years will ensure that the Bargain Chemist network launches with capability like programmatic trading from day one. This presents a unique opportunity for supplier and non-endemic brands to target and optimise their exposure to a range of highly desirable health focused customer segments.”

Bargain Chemist director Peter Shenoda said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Hyper. The deployment of a digital screen network will provide a strong platform for our suppliers to build their brands, support their NPD and drive conversion across our, soon to be, 22 stores and growing to 60 stores nationwide.

“We’re also excited to see what other advertisers value our environment, foot traffic and audience.”

The digital screen rollout is well underway and advertising space on the network will be available for both supplier and third-party advertisers to purchase from 1 November.

About Hyper
Hyper is an independent retail marketing and media solutions provider that helps New Zealand businesses better engage and convert their customers across thousands of retail touchpoints nationwide.

About Bargain Chemist
Bargain Chemist is a 100% New Zealand-owned chemist retailer.

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