Colenso & Fish craft new Monteith’s platform

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Colenso BBDO and the Monteith’s have launched the beermaker’s new communications platform, Brewed For Right Now, since 1868.

“After 150 years of brewing, Monteith’s has learned a fair bit about which beer goes best with what,” says Colenso ECD Dan Wright.

“Maybe it’s sitting around an open fire in the biting cold that makes a Highway 6 IPA the perfect choice, or the beach hair, sun, and salty air that has you reaching for a Barber Lager. 

“Founder Stewart Monteith was fearless about beer innovation. He set up the brewery to be nimble – constantly exploring new, expertly crafted brews. And with a current portfolio of 21 beers and ciders, there’s always a Monteith’s that’s the perfect brew for right now.”

The campaign opens with 13 documentary-style TV spots, shot by Los Angeles based directors Stacey Lee (a Kiwi) and her partner Anthony Mathile from Flying Fish, each authentic, unscripted, black-and-white story seeks to embrace an everyday beer moment. 

“The campaign will also be brought to life across out-of-home, digital out-of-home, sampling and social.”

We follow The Litas – the infamous all-female Kiwi biker group The Spearos – a collective of spear-fishing mates, and Sal Valentine & The Babyshakes, an 11-strong Auckland swing band.

Keeping the campaign iconically Kiwi the music played in the tvc comes from re-formed rock band The Checks, who united to re-record the single, Take Me There.

Wright said: “You don’t stay hungry for new discoveries after 150 years just by being into beer. You need to be into the whole occasion. Monteith’s passion is for pairing beers and life, so we set out to bring the pioneering spirit of the brand in line with contemporary, Kiwi life – life that’s more urban and more sociable than the brand has been before.”

Sean O’Donnell, marketing director at DB Breweries, said: “After 150 years of the brewery’s pioneering spirit in NZ craft beer, it’s the perfect time to apply that same restlessness to how the brand presents itself.

“It’s a fresh approach for the beer category, heroing real Kiwis who share our pioneering spirit and passion whilst showcasing the fantastic new range of Monteith’s craft beers that are brewed for right now.”

The campaign will also be brought to life across out-of-home, digital out-of-home, sampling and social.

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