Colenso makes song & dance over new extra low carb DB Export (updated)

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AUCKLAND, Monday: “Those damn Kiwis are now making funnier beer ads than us,” commented Aussie site B&T at Colenso BBDO’s latest DB Export ad – a comedic Sweetshop music video to celebrate Valentine’s Day (Thursday).

“Thankfully,” continues the B&T coverage, “our politicians and rugby teams are still hilarious!”

I’m Drinking It For You introduces DB Export’s delicious new low carb beer, and features a wonderfully bluesy R&B ballad that shines the spotlight on Kiwi couples, turning the simple act of choosing a low carb beer into a gesture of romantic love.

DB Export senior marketing manager Tony Wheeler said: “DB Export has a history of giving its drinkers licence to have a beer; the world-recognised Brewtroleum and Beer Bottle Sand campaigns were based on the idea that enjoying a DB Export Gold could help save the entire world.”

This latest iteration from the brand breaks new ground by recognising male and female drinkers equally, by starring two of NZ’s brightest new singing talents Keshia and Tom, who recorded the single, and perform in the music video.

“R&B is the best! I always knew it stood for romance and beers.”

DB Export senior marketing manager Tony Wheeler said: “DB Export Gold Extra Low Carb is the delicious, full-flavoured answer to the divided state of the modern world.”

Beth O’Brien and Thom Darlow, the Colenso BBDO creatives behind the campaign, said: “It’s great to see a beer brand give a one-handed salute to stereotypes, and speak to everyone equally. This work is a huge leap forward for beer advertising in NZ,” before attempting to clap one-handed.

Sweetshop director Damien Shatford said: “R&B is the best! I always knew it stood for romance and beers.”

Sweetshop MD Fiona King said: “We love romance, great beer, and stories at Sweetshop. All inseparable. It was an absolute pleasure to acknowledge that drinking beer has a rightful higher purpose”

The song is available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple music, and is accompanied by a full campaign “to bring our nation closer together” that includes beer bouquets for couples to give each other on Valentine’s Day, a remix of the song that plays in gym classes while people cut their rig for their partners, live performances of the song around the country, dedication hours on the radio, karaoke beer tastings, and a digital service that lets fans write their own lyrics and send them as a digital singing telegram to their loved ones. 


Client: DB Breweries
Marketing Director: Sean O’Donnell
Senior Marketing Manager: Tony Wheeler
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Production Company: The Sweetshop
Director: Damien Shatford
Sound Design & Mix: Liquid Studios
Music Production:
Online: The Machine Room