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AUCKLAND, Tuesday: Customer experience agency Track NZ, with business psychology organisation Innovation Bubble, has launched new research designed to help businesses really understand what their customers are thinking.

The first study, released today, lifts the lid on how the Covid-19 pandemic is really impacting Kiwi consumers.

Entitled Connecting with Customers during Uncertainty, the research uses scientific techniques to capture and compare both the conscious and deep non-conscious thoughts and feelings of Kiwis.

The study will survey a nationally representative sample of 1200 Kiwis weekly for the next three weeks, shifting to monthly thereafter.

“The Track study will survey 1200 Kiwis weekly for the next three weeks, shifting to monthly thereafter

Track ceo Rob Limb said: “Insights and observations revealed via this market-first methodology, especially around the non-conscious, will be an invaluable tool for businesses as they navigate an uncertain future.

“Customers are a business’ most important asset. They are the engine room for growth.

“In an uncertain world we need to think differently about how we connect with them and we cannot assume our messages will land as we think they may. Understanding how they really think and feel will be invaluable as we move forward.

“Over the last 30 years research has revealed that human decision-making is often more influenced by non-conscious factors than conscious ones.

Track is part of the DDB Group.

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