The Partnership Huddle enlists Auckland digital shop

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The Partnership Huddle has forged a partnership with digital marketing agency Bloggers Club for their inaugural un-conference later this month.

This event, which runs  will see top marketing executives from big NZ brands – as yet unidentified – come together with rights holders from around the country to demystify the partnership relationship process once dominated by Powerpoint presentations and menus of pre-determined benefits.

The Partnership Huddle’s Auckland-based strategist Sarah Lewis said: “With the evolution of sponsorship and digital marketing developing a powerful tool known as Influencer marketing, The Partnership Huddle will take advice from those at the forefront of this emerging industry who will join a panel discussion facilitated by TV personality Dominic Bowden.”

Bloggers Club GM Sarah Campbell said: “Bloggers Club is a digital and influencer marketing agency, working to put brands into the mind of consumers in the most authentic and engaging way. Working with brands to achieve their marketing objectives in the social media environment, using influencers to build relationships with the consumer.

“The Partnership Huddle takes place on Wednesday 28 March at the Hilton Auckland.”

“As champions in this space and the first dedicated influencer marketing agency in New Zealand, we’re excited that marketers are acknowledging the importance of aligning their brand with influencers and integrating them into their strategy.

“We’re excited to be on board as an official partner of The Partnership Huddle, bringing together two of our key influencers to start a conversation around leveraging a successful partnership.”

The Partnership Huddle has been created by sponsorship industry veterans Nick Rowland and Sarah Lewis. ‘We are so excited to partner with Bloggers Club for the un-conference and for our wider aspirations of building a partnership community beyond the event,” said Lewis. “Having access to some of NZ’s more experienced and well-known influencers will allow delegates to question and learn how to optimise relationships with influencers.

With high profile brands represented at this event, it’s also a unique opportunity for rights holders to have one on one face time with key decision makers in the partnership community.

The Partnership Huddle runs all day on Wednesday 28 March at the Hilton Auckland. Tickets cost $799.

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