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Independent power company Electric Kiwi hits the small screen this Sunday 17 June with a new TVC that gently takes the mickey out of dubious benefits claimed in the power industry.

The 30-second ad, produced with assistance from Auckland-based BrandWorld marketing agency, tells the story of a grandfather trying to convince his young granddaughter he is an electron farmer and that a key benefit of Electric Kiwi is “fresh farmed electrons”.

However, the smart granddaughter is not fooled as she knows Electric Kiwi’s benefits are guaranteed savings, no contracts and an hour of free power every day.

Electric Kiwi brand GM Andrew Cooper, who wrote the script, says: “The aesthetic is low-fi and draws on nostalgia to appeal to young families and align with the elements familiar to Electric Kiwi’s brand.

“Electric Kiwi managing director Andrew Cooper wrote the script for the tvc.”

“It’s designed to be light and Kiwi but there is a subtle dig at some of the questionable benefits other power companies may be claiming. We’re encouraging the audience to ignore them, saying ‘don’t be an egg, switch to Electric Kiwi’.”

Cooper said the idea of the “fresh farmed electrons” is obviously tongue-in-cheek. “We’ve seen all kinds of silly offers used to promote electricity over the years,” he says.

“So we decided it was time for Electric Kiwi to get in on the act, but in a fun, light-hearted way.”

The TVC will run through July and into August.


Writer: Andrew Cooper (Electric Kiwi brand GM)
Director: Chris Graham
BrandWorld MD: Richard Stevens
Agency Producer: Rachael Weaver
Media Strategist/Planner: Jodie Faulder
Business Manager: Susan Stevens

About Electric Kiwi
Electric Kiwi is an independent digital electricity company, claiming to be the fastest growing power company in NZ. Electric Kiwi puts the power in the hands of the consumer by making it easy to switch with no break fees or contracts. Electric Kiwi took on its first customers in 2014 and has been audited and certified by the Electricity Authority (EA) as a reconciliation participant.

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