Hyper switches on programmatic trading with Hivestack

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AUCKLAND, Thursday: Large retail DOOH media publisher Hyper has announced an “exciting” new partnership with Hivestack, a world-leading leading, Montreal-based, independent, programmatic digital out-of-home ad tech company.

Hyper GM of Media Chris Burton said: “This is a collaboration that marks yet another significant milestone for us this year. 

“Hyper’s network of 400 premium DOOH screens across Mobil, Liquorland, Briscoes and Rebel Sport store networks will now be exclusively available on the Hivestack SSP– a rapid advancement in the availability of new DOOH venue types that can be accessed programmatically in New Zealand.

“Hyper’s retail DOOH network caters to both brands ranged in our retail partners stores and external advertisers looking to capitalise on the unique audiences, mindsets and missions these environments cater to.

“A huge opportunity for contextual creativity that truly connects at precisely the right moment.

“Our partnership with Hivestack brings the necessary technology and tools to bear, to make deeper audience segmentation, targeting, campaign optimisation, and synchronised cross-channel messaging possible. A huge leap for us and the DOOH industry.”

“A huge opportunity for contextual creativity that truly connects at precisely the right moment.”

Hivestack NZ sales director Ash Houghten said: “We’re incredibly excited to partner with Hyper, given the substantial growth of retail media across the globe. Buyers are the real winners in this scenario, now being able to reach their audiences across a vast range of new retail assets throughout the country. This is a great step forward for programmatic DOOH growth in NZ.

“The integration of programmatic technology into retail environments unlocks a multitude of new and captivating benefits for advertisers. Hivestack’s SSP leverages diverse data sources, enabling advertisers to segment shoppers based on their behaviours and interests with unparalleled precision.

“With enhanced targeting capabilities, advertisers can now deliver contextually relevant, full-motion campaigns that drive impact, foster engagement, and amplify campaign effectiveness.”

Chris Burton: “As the retail media landscape continues to evolve, Hyper sets its sights on pushing the boundaries of the New Zealand DOOH industry by providing unparalleled opportunities for brands to engage with highly defined retail audiences in new and impactful ways.”

About Hyper
Hyper is an independent retail marketing and media solutions provider that helps New Zealand businesses better engage and convert their customers.

About Hivestack
Hivestack is a global leader in programmatic digital out-of-home advertising, empowering brands and agencies to unlock the full potential of DOOH campaigns.

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