IABNZ enlists digital savant

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AUCKLAND, Tuesday: IAB New Zealand has announced the appointment of Bauer Media digital gm Anne Chen to its board – an Auckland-based commercial digital expert with an international reputation.

IAB chair Rhys Heron said: “The IABNZ is excited to have Anne join the board as representative for Bauer Media Group.

“With her background in digital technology, distribution and transformation at some of New Zealand’s best-known brands, Anne will make a valuable contribution to the board, which comprises leading digital publishers and technology companies.

“Anne joins IABNZ at an exciting time as we accelerate the delivery of services to our members as our dynamic industry continues to evolve and grow.” 

Chen has 15 years’ experience leading business transformation through expertise in customer experience design, driving new commercial models, monetisation of data, and excellence in technology and operational delivery through digital.

She has been head of digital experience at Vodafone NZ and head of digital at Spark. She’s also led digital at Les Mills for both the New Zealand and international markets. Prior to these roles, she was interactive product manager for NZ Lotteries, wireless product manager for Yellow and she started her career as channel content manager for Vodafone. She has both a Bachelor of Business and an MBA.

“Our purpose at the IABNZ is to support the digital advertising industry and grow our collective share of voice.”

Chen said: “One area I’m interested in exploring alongside my colleagues and fellow board members is what’s happening beyond the screen, in other parts of digital like data analytics, experience, technology, and how they are shaping digital media now and into the future.

“Digital as a whole is ever-changing, the lines are blurring and the different parts of digital aren’t so distinct anymore. I also think of digital in context of the business, the people and the experiences which is underpinned by technology.

“I think on the whole, we have a responsibility to challenge ourselves and our industry, to think in broader terms and observe what is happening globally.

“The IABNZ plays an important role in helping to connect, and engage all parts of the industry, to work together in shaping the industry for healthy growth, while delivering positive experiences for both brands and consumers.

“Our purpose at the IABNZ is to support the digital advertising industry and grow our collective share of voice.

“Being able to draw on my commercial growth experience with digitally-led brands such as Les Mills, Spark and Vodafone is something I hope will add real value to the digital advertising industry and support the IABNZ leading the way over the next few years.

“We’re in an incredible position to support IABNZ members, helping navigate today’s challenges with a view to the future, and I’m thrilled to be able to contribute.”

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