KPEX closure fires up Kargo (Updated)

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AUCKLAND, Today: Mobile brand advertising shop Kargo says it is taking a stance in support of local publishers, advertisers and marketers looking for relevance, scale and creativity in the wake of KPEX’s recent closure. 

Kargo APAC GM Robert Leach said: “With the demise of KPEX there is a real risk of more revenue going to the duopoly, who host but do not create content.

“This will significantly impact local publishers and advertisers, in need of a better experience for their consumers and marketers. In turn, Kargo is advocating that agencies need to seek out viable alternatives, and not give in to calls to revert to quick return without a long-term-strategy.

“Going this route will only cause further shrinkage in the New Zealand digital media market by forcing publishers out.”

About Kargo
Kargo employs 150 people in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Sydney, Auckland, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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