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Instagram announced today that any New Zealand advertiser, large or small, can now run ads. The platform will offer a new suite of features, including more action-oriented ad formats, landscape images and videos, and the ability to reach the right group, leveraging Facebook’s proven ad management technology. 

From today, the Instagram community in NZ will gradually see ads appear from launch partners including Air New Zealand (@airnz), Burger Fuel (@burgerfuel), NEON (@neon_nz) and Sky TV  (@sky_nz).

Instagram is making ads available in more than 30 additional countries, followed by full global availability at the end of the month.

“With one in five mobile minutes spent on Instagram and Facebook, advertisers and people want ways to learn more, see more or even buy a product from their favourite brands or neighbourhood restaurant,” Facebook & Instagram NZ head Spencer Bailey told M+AD.

“From today New Zealand marketers have a new and exciting opportunity, to communicate directly with people on Instagram. Visual creativity has always been the currency on Instagram, and high-quality content will continue to differentiate brands embracing the platform.”

To find out more about today’s news, please see the Instagram Business blog.

Further information about ads
Sponsored photos and videos will appear in the main feed and are clearly marked with a sponsored label – but they will look similar to other photos and videos users will see in their feed.

“We’ll also make sure that the user has control,” Bailey said. “If they see an ad they don’t like, they’ll be able to hide it and provide feedback about what didn’t feel right.”


Parker Mason, head of social, DDB New Zealand: “NEON and Instagram are both brands moving at the speed of digital, so it’s great to work with them and even better working with them both together.

“I’m excited about the way this partnership will let Instagram users escape into the world of NEON, and NEON’s role as content provider for a passionate community of tv and movie fans is perfect for Instagram. The point where they meet is full of favourite characters, the scenes we know by heart and the moments our fans might not even know about. Instagram definitely serves a unique role in the NEON channel strategy.”

Haydn Kerr, digital creative director, DDB New Zealand: “I keep reflecting on what a unique moment in time this is. The first time Instagrammers will see advertising in their feed in New Zealand.

“This is a both a privilege and responsibility. It’s a chance to show that brand advertising can contribute to people’s lives. But it’s our collective responsibility to preserve what’s special about Instagram.

“With Instagram, the image truly is the centrepiece and I’m excited about using NEON content to create images that users will truly want to double-tap.”

Nicola Reade, Online & Social Marketing Manager, Sky TV 

“It’s been fantastic to partner with Instagram for their New Zealand launch. The rising popularity of this platform amongst our customers and potential customers, and the creative and highly visual nature of Instagram makes it a perfect place for us to share our passion for the entertainment we broadcast and curate. We’re looking forward to really exploring the themes and key moments of our shows and movies with the wider New Zealand Instagram audience.”

Zac Stephenson, general manager OMD & Andrew Reinholds, managing partner OMD: “Instagram’s delivery of high quality visual content is obviously synergistic with SKY’s reason for being, making it a perfect fit for the brand.

Arresting visuals combined with compelling narrative is the epitome of great storytelling, and this, combined with the ability to offer a deeper level of interaction through linked content is invaluable to brands wanting to connect more meaningfully with people today.”

Jodi Williams, head of global brand development, Air NZ: “Instagram is an integral part of how we share our brand story, and the stories of our customers, giving us a platform to share beautiful, inspirational images and video.

“We are very excited to be one of the very first brands to advertise on Instagram in New Zealand.  Partnering with Instagram for the launch of its advertising platform in New Zealand allows us to expand both our brand presence, and our conversations with Kiwis. Being at the forefront of the launch, and leading with innovative and channel-specific marketing, we’re looking to connect with and inspire more and more Kiwis.”

Alexis Lam, marketing manager, BurgerFuel: “It’s not often that we get such a clear signal from our key reference market as we did with Instagram – an explosion of creativity, sharing and burgers landed on our doorstep a few years ago and has changed the way we do business all over the globe.

“The world of food is aggressive and competitive, there’s a new opportunity for BurgerFuel customers at every meal time and even in between for the share of stomach we fight for. It is great to move from a traditionally highly controlled world of food photography to open our minds and arms to the world of Instagram creatives and foodies. We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to be one of the early adopters of the Instagram business platform to amplify the BurgerFuel brand, grow our community and take the world of beautiful burgers to another level.”

Sorrel Davies, marketing manager, NEON: “Instagram is the perfect stage for NEON to share its knowledge about our content and engage a like-minded community of TV and movie lovers.  It’s the chance to provide our audience with a glimpse of the escapism that waits, whether that be a character you love, a memorable quote or an undiscovered gem, all through the lens of NEON.

“As a new digital product, we jumped at the opportunity to be a launch partner for Instagram in New Zealand as we felt it was an important component in our social media mix and would help build brand engagement amongst our key audience in a visually creative manner, ideal for a video platform.”

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