NZ social shop cuts a swathe at ANZ Awards

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SYDNEY, Today: NZ-based agency Socialites dominated the Australasian Social Media Awards winning more awards than any other agency. Although there were other NZ finalists, Socialites was the only winner from Godzone.

The accolades included Best Customer Service, Most Innovative Use of Social Media (Starship Foundation Campaign) – and Socialites founder Wendy Thompson was named Social Media Marketer of the Year.

Thompson said: “The Social Media Marketing Awards are the only of its kind in NZ and Australia that focus solely on social media – rather than ‘bolt-ons’ to other digital media or marketing campaigns.

“These are the only awards to focus solely on social media – rather than ‘bolt-ons’.”

“For me, this is a sign of the times that social media is now being taken seriously by the industry. Social media now commands a level of expertise and understanding due to the many layers of complexity to run a successful campaign.

“To cut through all the noise and clutter on social and to ensure every lever is maximised, experience and expertise is imperative. So many people still believe they can throw some pretty pictures up and get amazing engagement but it’s a lot more complicated now.

“Since Mel Spencer’s recent appointment as managing partner, Socialites has launched New World’s Instagram with an endless foodie table, clinched The Warehouse as a client and made their move into APAC, working with Microsoft across 13 countries as well as launching InvivoXSJP (Invivo and Sarah Jessica Parker’s collaboration) across the globe.”

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