NZME defends Spy changes

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NZME head of lifestyle Jacqui Loates-Haver, who is the former editor of New Idea magazine, has responded – not convincingly – to M+AD’s comments about the new Herald on Sunday’s Spy inserted magazine.

We had expressed disappointment that Spy’s relentless focus on gossip came at the expense of some of the Herald on Sunday’s best reviews and columns, which had disappeared in the revamp. “We believe the changes will do nothing for Herald on Sunday print circulation and – ultimately – feed into the global wind-back of print,” we wrote.

Jacqui Loates-Haver’s response: “The new-look Spy magazine has a focus on lifestyle content and offers our audience the best coverage of Auckland’s social scene, fashion, food, travel,  film and television.

“Our extensive arts and books content will continue to feature prominently in Canvas, Weekend and the weekday Herald. We are investing strongly in this area, as we look to hire a new, fulltime arts and books editor. Plus, we are luring more of New Zealand’s best writing talent to work across Canvas, Weekend and Spy.”

Forgive us for maybe jumping to conclusions, but this seems to be shovelling at least some of the best Sunday content back to the Saturday edition. Some, clearly, has disappeared permanently with the NZME redundancies.

The original M+AD story here.

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