NZME launches lifestyle video programming

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NZME has extended its successful Vision studio into the lifestyle genre by launching New Zealand’s first digital studio creating and broadcasting original digital lifestyle content.

Designed to meet New Zealanders’ growing demand for engaging, premium content, NZME Vision has announced the development of a suite of new programmes and has piloted a selection of these for leading advertisers and agencies.

The shows can be distributed broadly across NZME’s powerhouse digital brands such as Viva, Canvas, Bite and Herald on Sunday and to the audiences of The Hits, ZM and Coast. NZME Vision’s platform-agnostic strategy will drive audience scale well beyond the traditional single-destination curated hub and creates instant scale for advertising partners.

“We’ve seen tremendous audience success with WatchMe, New Zealand’s hub for original digital comedy and NZ Herald Focus, New Zealand’s newest digital news programme, with recent weeks reaching more than 700,000 views”, said Cameron Death, NZME’s head of video.

“The extension into lifestyle programming is a natural one that our audiences and advertisers have been asking for. We’re excited to create shows as broad as an insider’s look at the creation of a new restaurant, of-the-minute fashion and interior design guidance, accessible beauty and makeover tips, new urban gardening content, local food trends, and even a high-end travel discovery show hosted by some of New Zealand’s most recognisable faces.”

Developed with advertisers in mind, each series will bring audiences, quality content and advertisers together in a unique way.

NZME chief commercial officer Laura Maxwell said: “The viewer is in control today and is looking to access compelling video across the platforms and devices they love the most and not be constrained to a curated walled-garden.

“As a media company, we’re looking for new innovative opportunities to partner with advertisers to extend their brands’ reach into and around that content.”

Maxwell says she believes this latest venture adds to the NZME portfolio that positions the company as the market leader for advertisers. “This new initiative provides brands with a channel that is relatively untapped in the New Zealand market, to engage with consumers who are already readers, listeners and viewers of NZME brands,” she said.

“The partnerships will allow for creative collaboration that delivers organic, original content to audiences.”

Examples of the short series are:

  • Love Letter To: New Zealand celebrities speak about the places that mean the most to them personally and why. Each week a personality’s letter is re-rendered as cinematic paean to the locale of their choosing. “Stunningly shot, intensely personal,” says NZME.
  • How to Wear: A fun, fast-paced studio with Rosie Kelway, “dazzling us with any number of ways to wear the latest trends – from preppy to punk, and everything in-between”.
  • Urban Green: It’s the inner city living makeover show that proves you can grow in any space – from balconies, yards and windowsills, to green walls and indoor gardens. “We have the tips, the tricks and inspiration.”
  • After Hours: Unwind with Auckland’s top chefs and restaurateurs as they gather after hours for candid conversation, hilarity and – of course – great food. “We explore the late-night haunts of the city’s most discerning diners.”
  • Making A Menu: Follow the trials of opening a new restaurant. Kyle Street and Jordan MacDonald count down to the grand unveiling of their latest project – carefully crafting a menu as their premises comes to life around them.
  • The Viva Interview: A window into the homes, and creative process, of New Zealand’s top fashion designers. Dan Ahwa is one-on-one with next season’s style-makers.
  • At Home With Viva: A hand-held walk through the pet projects of New Zealand’s top interior designers. “Whether you come for inspiration, practical advice, or just to pry, you’re in for a visual feast of stunning interior design.”
  • A Broad Palate: “Ray McVinnie’s mouth-watering tour of Auckland’s global food stores, and the people and stories behind them – from Sandringham’s spice shops to the hidden treasures of the Otara markets.”
  • One of the Girls: Laura McGoldrick hits the town armed only with her girlfriends. Each night, a new bar, new people and new banter. “This is where Aucklanders let their hair down and nothing is off the table.”

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