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NEW YORK, Today: “Dear Ed,” writes The One Club’s Kevin Swanepoel. “The One Club for Creativity and The 3% Movement have opened the global Next Creative Leaders 2020 competition, and I’m writing to ask if you could help spread the word to up-and-coming candidates in your region. This is an important initiative that will help with gender equality.

“We would welcome any referrals to some talented women and non-binary creatives who are stepping into leadership roles and making their mark on the world.

“We welcome referrals to talented women and non-binary creatives making their mark on the world.”

“To make NCL as accessible as possible, there is no fee to enter.

“We want great candidates from around the world because along with announcing 10 global winners, we’ve just added new NCL Regional Honours for North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, MENA and Africa.

“A nomination could end up changing the career – and life – of a talented young creative.”

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