Raydar launches behavioural research division

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Auckland based shopper marketing agency Raydar has announced the launch of a new behavioural research division, Sapien, which will be headed by research director Mark Vincett and insight director Manya Craig.

Created from Raydar’s current strategic offering, Sapien goes beyond traditional research methodologies to understand human behaviour in its purest form,” says Raydar & 99 MD Troy Fuller. 

“Sapien’s curated toolkit of technology provides a perfect foundation to uncover human truths that will power authentic and effective creative work across both Raydar and 99,” Fuller said.

“Sapien is a powerful blend of people and technology designed with sole purpose of understanding why we as human’s have this amazing ability to say one thing and do something entirely different. We believe going right back to the foundations of human behaviour will only help our clients to succeed in an immensely competitive world.”

Insight director Manya Craig says the formation of Sapien is a testament to the immense value that new research methods can add for existing and prospective marketing clients.

“Timing is often the magic ingredient to success and I am so excited by the gift of good timing when it comes to Sapien,,” she said.

“Sapien lives in a space where only few companies have dared to go and the positive impact will be felt across both Raydar and 99.”

“The team have been working with behavioural science understanding for several years, but now the time is right to combine that thinking with new, more accessible, next generation research tools.”

Research director Mark Vincett said: “With advances in data and insight technologies we are now able to bring together rich customer insight and robust behavioural data to help better understand both customers’ actual behaviours and their underlying motivations.

“As there has been a wider interest in using more advanced research practices in marketing, the next few months will see Craig and Vincett showcasing Sapien’s advanced toolkit to current and prospective clients,” Vincett said.

“This is an exciting opportunity that will enable Sapien’s clients to optimise their marketing activity with the right messages at moments that matter.”

As part of the launch, Sapien will unveil a new website and trailer (that’s it, at the head of this page), which features young Dilworth slam poet Jai Selkirk and will pay homage to human evolution and how this has impacted cognitive bias over time. Both pieces of work were produced by in-house production company The Workshop.

“Sapien lives in a space where only few companies have dared to go and the positive impact will be felt across both Raydar and 99 as the offering carves out an opportunity for their agencies and clients to dive a little deeper,” Troy Fuller says.

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