UK Best Ad Photographers site selects Film Construction’s Manja Wachsmut

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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: Film Construction rostered photographer Manja Wachsmuth – known for her culinary imagery – is set to have her work Shattered Pinot Noir featured in UK site Lürzer’s Archive’s Best Ad Photographers showcase.

Wachsmuth is Danish-born, and is now resident in Auckland.

This inclusion marks the second occasion that Wachsmuth’s work has been showcased among the industry’s most honoured photographers.

She said: “Like many, I sometimes grapple with a sense of fracture and detachment, magnified during returns to visit family after years apart. Surprisingly the act of smashing things has a rather therapeutic impact!

“I’m thrilled and honoured to be featured in this year’s edition of Lürzer’s Archive’s Best Ad Photographers.

“Since my early days in the studio basement during my apprenticeship years, Lürzer’s has been an endless source of inspiration and a guide towards photographic excellence, and I am grateful for the recognition and opportunity to share my creative journey with fellow artists.”

“Surprisingly, the act of smashing things has a rather therapeutic impact!”

About Manja Wachsmuth
Manja Wachsmuth recently joined the roster of photographers and directors at Film Construction and has won awards and fans with her Scandinavian sense of elegant composition.

Danish-born but now resident in Auckland, her work is a testament to photographic power. From darkroom beginnings to culinary artistry, she has become a master of precision and purpose in commercial photography. Especially food and all its intricacies.

About Lürzer’s Archive’s Best Ad Photographers
Lürzer’s Archive’s Best Ad Photographers publications showcases the outstanding work of photographers who have demonstrated exceptional skill and creativity in the field of advertising photography. The publication serves as a definitive source of inspiration for artists, advertisers, and photography aficionados around the world.

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