Smoke Signal


AUCKLAND, Today: M+AD’s story Friday about the ghastly StopPress recruitment ad for a new editor caused a stir over the road at Tangible/ICG.

StopPress writer Graham Medcalf understandably took exception to us suggesting he had some oversight for the ad, but countered our claim with the lowest trick in the book – a personal attack.

“I don’t know what you’ve been smoking – but mate, I think you’ve lost it!”

“David, I don’t know what you’ve been smoking,” he wrote in a comment posted on the M+AD site, “but I am not the editorial executive of anything, least of all Tangible, an entity that no longer exists.

“I have never been employed by Tangible or the company that own’s [sic] StopPress – ICG Media.

“I loved working alongside you a decade or so ago, but mate – I think you’ve lost it!”

”Hahaha good one Gapesy. All incorrect, but still a good laugh.

In contrast, Tangible/ICG commercial manager Vernene Medcalf (who has also worked previously with ed Gapes) saw the funny side …

”Hahaha good one Gapesy,” she wrote. “All incorrect, but still a good laugh 😊”

  • Read THAT recruitment ad here

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