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Leading media operator APN Outdoor is following up last year’s ground-breaking Attention Economy study – which investigated the way people move, think, feel and respond to outdoor advertising – with the launch this week of a series of advertiser category studies.

The new insights are designed to provide APN Outdoor’s clients with relevant and targeted information to use in the media planning process. Featured categories of the study include: Alcohol, Automotive, Entertainment, Finance, FMCG, Quick Service Restaurants, Telecommunications and Travel.

APN Outdoor has examined each advertiser category by considering it in relation to consumer purchase and behaviour habits as well as audience demographics including gender, age, income and occupation.

The study also identifies how advertisers can reach and impact consumers of each category by identifying the related outdoor media opportunities. This aspect of the study looks at commuter habits and the key window where consumer engagement is at its highest. It also covers time spent with outdoor versus other mediums and the most effective outdoor formats – such as large format digital and roadside billboards as well as internal and external Airport media – to reach consumers of each specific category.

Top-level findings from the study

  • 13% of New Zealanders drink at least one standard serving premixed spirit a week
  • 23% of New Zealanders intend to buy/lease a new car in the next 12 months
  • 55% of New Zealanders have been to the cinema at least once in the past few months
  • 10% of New Zealanders will be looking for a home loan in the next 12 months, while 3% will be looking to refinance an existing home loan
  • 59% of New Zealanders are the Main Grocery Buyer in the home and 33% share the responsibility
  • 60% of New Zealanders visit a quick service restaurant at least a few times a month
  • 29% of New Zealanders either don’t have a mobile pre/ post-paid plan or are looking to switch their plan
  • 40% of New Zealanders intend to travel overseas in the next 12 months.

“After the success of last year’s Attention Economy study, we are proud to be continuing to lead the outdoor sector when it comes to providing our clients with relevant consumer insights,” said APN Outdoor general manager Phil Clemas.

“Our new category study offers very detailed consumer and category information in relation to outdoor, as well as other mediums. We are committed to driving the validity of the outdoor sector with solid data to prove its worth and will continue to invest heavily in this area as the year goes on.”

Detailed results from APN Outdoor’s new advertiser category study are currently being presented in market. Contact your APN Outdoor account manager to find out more.

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