The Enthusiasts introduce Mr Proper to MacKenzie Bread

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A new campaign created by Auckland-based agency The Enthusiasts for MacKenzie Bread aims to bring to life “the brand’s commitment to do things the proper way”.

The Enthusiasts strategic partner Martin Yeoman said: “MacKenzie is bread made well; it’s baked with loads of care and craft – qualities that people are yearning for in food today.”

Goodman Fielder bread marketing head Simon Cheape said that this work marks the largest brand campaign & investment since the bread was launched almost 11 years ago.

“MacKenzie is the hidden gem in the bread aisle,” he says. “People that buy MacKenzie love it. Our aim in 2018 is to tell more people we exist while communicating the craftsmanship and generosity of ingredients that goes into baking every loaf, in a unique way.”

The Enthusiasts creative partner Jamie Hitchcock said: “Creatively, it was about finding a fresh way to bring this to life, one that didn’t hark back to a faux heritage and rural feel.

“Creatively, it was about finding a fresh way to bring this to life, one that didn’t hark back to a faux heritage and rural feel.”

“We created a character called Mr Proper who lives and breathes the MacKenzie way of life – no shortcuts, no compromises. He makes stuff with his hands, his knives are always sharp, dogs listen to him, and above all he values bread that is made well.

“He knows that ‘Nothing good comes easy’, which has become the brand tag line.”

Oliver Green, of Curious Film, directed the work and worked closely with The Enthusiasts to create the character’s personality and tone.

“Ollie’s own uncompromising commitment to the idea and execution was such that he also ended up being the voice of Mr Proper,” Hitchcock says.

Kiwi voiceover
NZ born, Sydney-domiciled artist, Dion Horstmans was cast in the role of Mr Proper, bringing a natural attitude and fresh face to the campaign.

There are 11 pieces of video in the series that started rolling roll out over digital channels with a 45-second launch spot screening via On-Demand this week.


Client: Goodman Fielder
Creative: The Enthusiasts
Production company: Curious Film
Director: Oliver Green
Editor: Alex O’Shaugnessy
Post production: Creature
Audio: Liquid Studios
Media: MBM

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