The Feds grow another arm

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Auckland indie creative shop Federation today launches a specialist content marketing and PR agency, Hubbub, a standalone company which aims to harness the power of content marketing to help clients drive business growth and deepen customer engagement.

“The launch of Hubbub is an important milestone for Federation,” says director Sharon Henderson, the former DDB Group managing director Sharon Henderson who established Federation with former WRC managing director of WRC Murray Reid amid the global financial crisis in early 2008.

Hubbub will be led by managing partner Tony Mangan, a senior communications professional who recently returned to New Zealand after almost a decade working at PR and content marketing agencies in London.

In that time, he directed high-impact campaigns for Microsoft, Visa, Samsung and Experian. Under Mangan’s stewardship, Hubbub aims to create, distribute and promote high-quality content that is useful, interesting, compelling and timely – not a hard sell. It will use PR and social media to amplify content reach and effectiveness.

“With Hubbub, we have a sister agency to Federation that will provide strategic content marketing based on global best practice,” Henderson said. “It will also enable us to optimise client marketing campaigns to a whole new level.

“We’re very excited to have Tony, with his unique international experience, leading the charge. He’s already won a number of new clients.”

Mangan says content marketing is a growth industry. “Analysts at PQ Media project that global revenues will increase at a 15% compound annual growth rate for the rest of the decade, and generate more than US$313 billion in 2019.

“Content marketing is on the rise because, when done right, it’s a highly effective way for brands to cut through the clutter, build an audience, and win and retain their business. Hubbub is dedicated to helping organisations in New Zealand, Australia and further afield to do just that.

“The world is awash with content and audiences are fragmented, but good stories, told well, can achieve spectacular results. The keys to success include a strong strategy and plan that maps to the target audience’s needs and preferences, a great creative platform, software tools to monitor, interact and evaluate, and getting as much positive coverage on earned media as possible.”

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