The Pond backs new book for kiwi creatives

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A new book about to be launched in Auckland promises to prepare aspiring writers, designers and dreamers to hunt down ideas that could change the world, or at least their own lives. Called Hunting the Killer Idea, the book is the brainchild of Nick MacFarlane, who brings 20 years of experience in advertising, art, and design to the task of trapping the creative process.

“Killer Ideas are out there, powerful and unpredictable – they’re the alpha ideas that have to be hunted deep within the jungle of the mind,” says author, Nick McFarlane. “Whether you’re the creative type or not, starting a business, studying, or just plain stuck. This book is essential reading for every single person who knows there’s a Killer Idea out there – and the time to hunt it down has come.”

The book launch in Auckland this week is being sponsored by the country’s largest creative/talent agency, The Pond.

It’s part of a new initiative by The Pond called the Side Series. The Series is an opportunity for friends, clients and associates of The Pond to showcase creative outputs from outside their day jobs. This book is its first Side Series project

It will be officially launched at Allpress Studio, September 14 where guests will be able to buy discounted copies of the book, plus signed prints and a limited number of hand-painted artworks from the book. An exhibition of artworks runs September 12 to 17.

Hunting the Killer Idea develops an extended metaphor of the creative process as hunting expedition, complete with spectacular original artworks, gear guides, and maps. It’s a compendium of creativity, a flipbook of fine art, a poetic odyssey, a grab bag of sage advice, a how-to guide on steroids.

Hunting the Killer Idea By Nick McFarlane, $49.99

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