Reel Factory releases WTF is Crypto?

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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: Auckland based production house Reel Factory have just released WTF is Crypto, the latest in their long-form ventures via TVNZ+.

Executive producer Nix Jaques said: “WTF is Crypto? takes an entertaining and informative approach to demystifying the wild world of Crypto.

“Directed by Rita Attwood, the six-episode series tells the stories of Aotearoa-based pioneers all making a name for themselves in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

WTF is Crypto? is a little bit cheeky, a lot informative and a great insight into how New Zealanders are contributing to the crypto revolution.

Executive producer Hamish Trott said: “We’ve taken a commercial production approach to capturing beautifully crafted vision, with RF’s in-house DOP Chris Watkins behind the lens and Reel Factory’s suite of specialty cinema camera equipment deployed to elevate production value.”

“As WTF is Crypto? unfolds the audience will learn how Crypto works, dip their toes into web-3, hear the stories of how it all began, and get a glimpse of what the future might look like.

“Featuring the likes of Aaron McDonald and Brooke Howard-Smith; Non-Fungible Labs – who created a tidal wave globally with their NFTs, Janine Grainger shares her story of how Easy Crypto began in the middle of a pandemic, and a glimpse into what the future may look like from pioneer Kaye-Maree Dunn and her company Āhau.”

All six episodes are available now on TVNZ+.

“From Bitcoin to Shitcoin, the crypto world can seem mind-numbingly complex.”

Series Synopsis
Jaques: “It’s been called the biggest revolution since the internet – but just WTF is Crypto? From Bitcoin to Shitcoin, Altcoin to NFT’s, the crypto world can seem mind-numbingly complex.

“Over six episodes we are going to break it down to find out where it all started and why. WTF is Crypto? talks to the major players who helped pioneer the Crypto industry in Aotearoa.   

“We’re going to cover the highs and lows and dispel some of the biggest crypto myths.  We’ll talk to local experts and tell the story of some of New Zealand’s biggest Crypto successes.

“We’ll talk to the innovators bringing Te Ao Māori into the metaverse, the disruptors smashing the Crypto Bro stereotypes; we’ll talk to the local company making millions creating NFTs and collaborating with international superstars. We’ll find out how Crypto could save the planet and explore just what the future might look like.

White-knuckle ride
“It’s been called a white-knuckle ride, but crypto and blockchain are changing the world.

WTF is Crypto? will talk to the leaders, break down the technology, simplify the concepts through animation, and is your chance to take a deep dive into this revolution.”


Network: TVNZ
Production Company: Reel Factory
Executive Producers: Hamish Trott & Nix Jaques
Line Producer: Anna Geddes
Director: Rita Attwood
DOP: Chris Watkins
Cam Ops: Taiga Wakino, Brad Colman, Matt Drago & Nolan Verheij
Offline Editors: Simon Coldrick, Malcolm Clarke & Prue Cunningham
Graphics & Animation: Phil Brough
Colour & Online: Department of Post
Sound: Native Audio Ltd

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