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MasterCard Surprise retains its first place (top since August), Contact Energy Casey & Olly has moved into second place (up from 4th in October), and Nova Energy Mr Rover is now the third favourite ad (up from 6th in October).

And they’ll be double-happy at Saatchi, with two Hilux campaigns now featuring in the Top 10.

  1. MasterCard Surprise, McCann Sydney, Robber’s Dog NZ (director Adam Stevens)
  2. Contact Energy, Casey & Olly OK to Say Bad Words,  JWT, Sunday Punch
  3. Nova Energy Mr Rover
  4. Specsavers Should’ve Campaign
  5. Toyota Hilux NZ Proven, Saatchi & Saatchi, Thick As Thieves (dir. Alex Sutherland)
  6. NZI Devil’s Chair, FCB, Assembly (dir Damon Duncan)
  7. Toyota Hilux Weather Report Series, Saatchi & Saatchi, Gorgeous Films (Corey Chalmers)
  8. The Warehouse Christmas Kids, DDB, Exposure (Tim Parsons)
  9. Vodafone SuperNet Bowlcut, FCB, Robber’s Dog (dir Adam Stevens)
  10. Health Promotion Agency Not Beersies, FCB


1. MasterCard Surprise

  • “It is funny. Humour wins every time.”
  • “I enjoy the series and it’s very funny! Perfect actor for the job and it always make me laugh.”
  •  “Makes me laugh every time.”
  • “I love the autobiography comment “where’s the part about us?”
  • “Because it is quirky Kiwi humour.”
  • “It springs to mind as the kids always laugh at it.”


2. Contact Energy Casey & Olly

  • “It is cute and funny.”
  • “So funny and so cute!”
  • “I like it for the humour.”
  • “The ad makes me laugh due to the anecdotal content.”
  • “I love that it is from the kids’ point of view.”


3. Nova Energy Mr Rover

  • “The rhyming is very clever, particularly when they look at the picture of Dover on the wall, pause, and say ‘England’.”
  • “I think it’s clever.”
  • “I love the rhyming catchy jingle.”
  • “Because it is funny.”
  • “Fun and not serious.”
  • “So stupid it’s funny”


4. Specsavers Should’ve Campaign 


5. Toyota Hilux NZ Proven


6. NZI Devil’s Chair


7. Toyota Hilux Weather Report Series


8. The Warehouse Christmas Kids


9. Vodafone SuperNet Bowlcut


10. Health Promotion Agency Not Beersies


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