1 in 5 Kiwi women read School Road title

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AUCKLAND, Today: New Zealand’s new fortnightly print and digital women’s magazine Woman is read by one in five Kiwi women, according to a new survey from publisher School Road.

Editor Sido Kitchin says the research findings reflect the essence of what Woman stands for and she is proud to be the driving force behind a positive influence for New Zealand women, connecting her readers through the power of shared stories and experiences.

“The glossy pages of Woman offer a space where all women are not just accepted, but celebrated,” said Kitchin (who herself is a seven-time winner of the MPA Women’s Magazine Editor of the Year and two-time Supreme Magazine Editor of the Year) said.

“We launched Woman in October to honour New Zealand women and we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive reader feedback.

“But ahead of Nielsen research becoming available, we wanted to understand more about our magazine community, which is why we decided to commission this research.”

The February study (by Insightful via PureProfile) approached 1900 women aged 35-74, with a nationally representative sample, and reveals that Woman has been read by 19% of those surveyed.

It found 62% of Woman’s primary readers (those who buy the magazine) are aged between 35-54, 82% are the household’s main grocery buyer and 43% have a child aged 0-17 living at home.

The average time spent reading a copy of Woman by primary readers is 117 minutes, or 190 minutes for subscribers. It found 78% of primary readers pick up and read their copy of the magazine 2-5 times.

“Readers are telling us they relish the quality, and in-depth features –it’s not just a quick flick.”

Kitchin: “Woman’s engaging content can also be seen to affect real-life change, with the survey results showing 78% of primary readers have actually gone and done something because of reading about it in Woman – be it talk to a friend, been to an event or visited a place, gone to a website or made a purchase.

“The results have been phenomenal. Engagement is extremely high for a new title.

“Readers are telling us they relish the quality, in-depth features and it’s not a quick flick. To learn 85% of readers love the fact Woman is by and for New Zealand women is heartening; we are 100% locally produced and they’ve responded to that.

“To know 77% love the authenticity and honesty of the magazine is rewarding too. We’re proud to be an empowering force for Kiwi women and wanted to share our findings with our commercial partners and advertising clients.

Woman reaches even more Kiwi readers beyond the recent survey results thanks to its content partnership agreement with Stuff, which shares a selection of stories and video content taken from all four School Road Publishing magazines, housed under Stuff’s Life & Style and Travel verticals.”

More about School Rd
School Road is an independent New Zealand-owned media company based at Stanley St in Auckland. Its titles include …

  • Woman is part of a four-magazine offering from new independent, New Zealand-owned magazine publisher, School Road Publishing. The publisher was born in the wake of Covid-19 and since October 2020, has successfully launched four independent magazines:
  • Haven, a monthly home and living magazine edited by celebrated lifestyle journalist Vanessa Marshall.
  • Thrive, a bi-monthly wellness magazine edited by journalist, broadcaster and acclaimed magazine editor Wendyl Nissen, who is also the author of 10 books, mostly about living a chemical-free, wholesome and back-to-basics lifestyle.
  • Scout, a quarterly domestic travel magazine edited by Sarah-Kate Lynch, who has published 12 best-selling books, edited NZ Woman’s Weekly, won awards for her columns and TV shows, and spent the last nine years as travel editor of Woman’s Day.
  • womanmagazine.co.nz
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  • www.schoolroad.nz

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