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AUCKLAND, Thursday: Phantom Billstickers’ Phan Mail newsletter is spruiking the interesting idea of 100 Days of Cocktails “Smirnoff and its agencies Special and MediaCom decided to make the most of summer – with this campaign idea,” Phan Mail reports.

“Kicking off last August, they created a new cocktail for every day of summer, inspired by what was going on in the world. #freedbritney anyone?

“To stay relevant, they needed daily changes of creative. In this way they could hero each cocktail along with creating a sense of scale. The idea being to reach 18-24 year-olds in moments that matter to them most.

“And to do that, they needed to be on the street. The special ingredient? Phantom Billstickers

“MediaCom’s Amy MacKinnon says the campaign hit the spot.”

100 Days of Cocktails was a natural for our network, taking pride of place in our larger-than-life digital frame in Ponsonby. What better place to serve up a new cocktail every day?

MediaCom’s Amy MacKinnon says the campaign hit the spot.

100 Days of Cocktails enabled Smirnoff to reconnect and build meaning with Gen Z by speaking their language during a busy time of year, as well as remaining topical and relevant,” she said.

“That’s incredibly hard for brands in an increasingly cluttered alcohol environment.”

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