Eleven corrals Phantom + MediaCom for Playstation

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AUCKLAND, Thursday: TBWA’s Eleven PR has unveiled a new campaign for PlayStation and multiplayer gaming.

Unlock Your Colour, developed in collaboration with Phantom Billstickers and MediaCom, sees street posters across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch transformed into live DualShock 4 Wireless Controller displays that offer passers-by the opportunity to take home one of their own colourful controllers.

But there’s a catch, the controllers are locked in specially designed acrylic boxes fixed to the wall and only accessible using codes released on PlayStation’s Instagram page via Stories.

Currently in market and running until tomorrow (Saturday), each poster has six controllers up for grabs with codes released throughout the day. It’s first-come, first-served, choose the right box and use the correct code to win.

Long queues have been forming all week beside the posters as people await their turn to try and unlock their colour.

Designed to raise awareness of the variety of DualShock 4 Wireless Controller colours available in the run-up to Christmas, the integrated campaign pulls together elements of PR, owned social, influencer marketing, out of home and design.

Eleven MD Angelina Farry said: “The ‘Unlock Your Colour concept hails from the idea of encouraging PlayStation fans to play in their own style with a colour that suits their personality.

“We realised that to communicate the vividness and variety of colours available consumers needed to actually see the product, a picture in a magazine just wouldn’t cut it.

“To communicate the vividness, consumers must actually see the product – a picture in a magazine just wouldn’t cut it.”

“We developed the lock box concept as a way of solving that, then added a layer of gamification to appeal to a social audience. The idea unites the physical and the digital in a way that’s rarely done.”

PlayStation NZ head of marketing Krister Robinson says the DualShock 4 Wireless Controller is one of PlayStation’s most popular products.

“People love the variety of colours available, from limited edition colour release as well as our ever-popular core range,” she said.

“Whether through social media or on the street, this is a fun campaign that people have really engaged with. The posters really bring the offering to life.

“I’m stoked with how it’s turned out and the collaboration between the different agency partners has been impressive.”

Phantom MD Ben Stonyer oversaw the build and worked closely with Eleven PR to realise their idea.

“We love working with agencies on new ways for their clients to use our real estate; it’s a challenge we always relish he said.

“Eleven PR approached us with the idea and we got to work straight away on a solve that satisfied all their requirements, including selecting the best sites for the activation and creative build.

“The result is pretty impressive and really stands out – kudos to everyone involved.”


Client: Sony PlayStation
Head of Marketing NZ: Krister Robinson
Agency:  TBWA\Group NZ, Eleven PR
Supporting partners: Phantom Billstickers and MediaCom

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