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AUCKLAND, Today: Leading provider of solar, battery storage and energy services, solarZero has appointed One Plus One Communications to lead its strategic communications efforts.

There was no pitch; the incumbent was Eleven PR.

The appointment sees One Plus One providing always-on services spanning communications strategy, media relations, corporate profiling, policy advice and stakeholder engagement.

solarZero earlier this year appointed chief marketing officer Jemma Whiten as part of a wider push to accelerate New Zealand’s uptake of solar energy systems.

Whiten said today: “The business is on a mission to fast-track New Zealand’s transition to 100% renewable energy, aligned with the national targets of 100% renewable electricity generation by 2035 and carbon neutrality by 2050.

“solarZero has very significant ambitions which ultimately boil down to encouraging more kiwi households to transition to solar, sooner.

“Our founder and MD Kelly Bennett is already getting his roof sized for a solarZero system!”

“To help us do that we needed an agency partner who could navigate the consumer, corporate, policy and stakeholder challenges we face, joining the dots in ways that make sense and drive results – we saw that in One Plus One.

“While solarZero is the market leader in solar energy services, achieving the ambitions of the business and supporting New Zealand in reaching its broader targets will require rapid adoption on a scale hard to compare to other utility categories.”

One Plus One GM Max Burt said: “The team are committed to the cause.

“They say not to drink the client Kool-Aid, but when your client is one of the key players with a real role to play in transforming our energy sector at this critical moment, you can’t help but feel deeply invested in their future success.

“In fact, our founder and managing director Kelly Bennett is already getting his roof sized for a solarZero system!”

“The One Plus One team is already underway on several key work streams and is excited about upcoming developments in the product pipeline.”

About One Plus One Communications
Founded in 2013, One Plus One is a leading New Zealand communications and engagement consultancy.

About solarZero
solarZero was founded in 2008 and is New Zealand’s largest solar energy business.

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