Twenty-two crore (not a misprint) viewers!

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MUMBAI, Thursday: M+AD learned a new word today, courtesy of daily Indian ad-site newsletter Exchange 4 Media. That word is crore (pronounced kraw). It’s a number. A big one – 10,000,000. As in “22 crore Indians saw India-NZ World Cup semi-final”.

Crore (107) is a word of Bengali origin. Here’s the Exchange 4 Media story …

BARC India has released the viewership figures for the ICC 2019 World Cup Semi-Final between India and New Zealand.

According to BARC, 22 crore Indians saw the India-NZ semi-final while the World Cup tournament recorded 50 crore viewers. The match has recorded 51 million impressions.

Out of the total number of World Cup viewers, 43% tuned into to watch the semi-final match.

In all, the entire tournament garnered nearly 51 crore viewers and 793 million impressions.  

For the India matches, BARC has recorded 45.2 crore viewers.

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