‘Berocca’ celebrates 25 years at OMD

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AUCKLAND, Thursday: Rebecca ‘Berocca’ Paschalis is celebrating her 25th year at Omnicom Media Group this month! And, in a stirring tribute, the agency group has put her face on a giant billboard.

Paschalis joined the Colenso team back in 1996 as a planner/buyer. She has gone from Colenso BBDO to Media Direction, through the 2007 Media Direction merger to the new OMD NZ and has now found her stride in the Auckland trading team as senior TV investment specialist.

Chief investment officer Hamish Roderick said: “Having spent around 50% of her life with OMD, Rebecca’s dedication to the team is something to truly admire. Culture is really important to us at OMD, and Rebecca’s enthusiastic attitude has always positively enhanced this.”

Paschalis earned herself the nickname ‘Berocca’, as the vitamin drink was a regular desk ornament, and used as part of her revitalising morning media routine.

She said: “It’s a testament to the great people I work with that I’ve been here so long. They’re my second family.

“I’ve loved the opportunities at Omnicom – but to be honest it’s mostly the cake and champagne that has kept me here.”

“The relationships I’ve built with people internally and externally with suppliers and clients, not to mention the long-standing relationship I’ve built with heritage client BrandWorld, have made the past 25 years fly by.

“I’ve also loved the opportunities afforded at Omnicom – but to be honest it’s mostly the cake and champagne that has kept me here.”

She has worked across a variety of clients over her 22 years, including BrandWorld, which she has looked after for over 20 years.

Hamish Roderick: “In an industry where the average tenure is circa. 2.7 years, Berocca has smashed this commitment by more than 9x this. We are delighted Rebecca continues to be part of our OMD family.”

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