2degrees gets Irish know-how

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Dublin-based Idiro Technologies has signed a deal with NZ’s 2degrees to provide data analytics for marketing. 

Idiro will provide comprehensive subscriber analytics and related training to the 2degrees marketing team, who will use the service to structure customer-facing retention programmes.

2degrees carried out an intensive trial in 2013, where the churn reduction capability of Idiro’s analytics service was rigorously evaluated in a competitive environment. Following a successful outcome, Idiro Technologies and 2degrees have agreed a contract focusing on customer retention service.

“This deal emphasises the strategic significance that 2degrees places on advanced analytics, and how Idiro helps them achieve their strategic business goals and objectives,” said Idiro chief commercial officer John Dunne said.

2degrees head of service development Peter Doherty said: “We are impressed with Idiro’s skills and the results that the trial delivered. And we look forward to exploring other applications of its analytics service.”

About Idiro

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Idiro Technologies is an award-winning provider of marketing analytics to service providers and businesses around the world.  Idiro specialises in advanced predictive analytics for telecoms and online gaming companies, and is a recognised leader in ‘big data’ analytics consulting and the commercial deployment of social network analysis technologies.

As a recognised innovator in the development of advanced data analytics technology, Idiro’s solutions help mobile operators combat churn and improve customer acquisition rates by predicting which mobile users are most likely to switch carriers, and by providing valuable marketing insights.  Idiro analytics are also used to improve the results of mobile operator marketing campaigns by predicting which customers are most likely to take up offers for new tariffs, smartphones, and other services.   Idiro’s insights are used to improve product offerings and identify opportunities among many other benefits.  Idiro combines its analytics solutions with consulting services that create a comprehensive, data-driven marketing service.

  • For an overview of Idiro’s analytics services, watch the short video at www.idiro.com

About 2degrees

Launched in August 2009, 2degrees has significantly lowered the cost of mobile in New Zealand. 2degrees now has over 40 retail outlets, 97% network coverage across the country and the team has grown to over 770, with a mix of over 40 different nationalities. The company has committed over $550 million to building New Zealand’s third mobile phone network. Company shareholders include US-based mobile communications specialists, Trilogy International Partners, the Hautaki Trust, Communication Venture Partners and KLR Hong Kong Ltd. The combined shareholders bring a wealth of international experience and knowledge which is of huge benefit to New Zealand mobile users.

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