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AUCKLAND, Today: 3rdeye Consulting is introducing the Lego Serious Play workshop methodology to NZ companies and organisations, under their new brand, BrickSmart™ by 3rdeye.

3rdeye’s Sarah Ritchie said: “When was the last time you touched a Lego brick? When you were young? Never?

“10-to-1 you’ll think of Lego as a child’s toy that hurts like heck when you stand on it. So, what would you say if you heard that Lego could be used as a revolutionary business tool to enhance conversations, strategize, and ideate faster and to a deeper level? The time has come for some serious play!”

Leading the BrickSmart team are Ritchie and Andy Sive – both internationally-trained and certified Lego Serious Play facilitators.

Ritchie: “I was sceptical when I first heard about Lego Serious Play. I couldn’t see how the Lego bricks that I played with as a child could possibly be used for business.

“The more I watched LSP workshops unfold, conversations deepen, and insights emerge, the more I could see the power behind the methodology, and I was sold. I knew that we had to introduce New Zealand businesses to this exciting creative-thinking technique.

“LSP is fantastic for teams wanting to do things such as gather insights; innovate; re-imagine the future; problem-solve; engage staff members, and so on. Think of LSP as being like a 3D printer for your ideas, and you’re on the right track.

“Think of LSP as being like a 3D printer for your ideas.”

“LSP is also unique in that it encourages all of the ‘4Cs’ of essential 21st century skills – critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication.”

The LSP workshop methodology was originally created and developed in the 1990s by Professors Johan Roos and Bart Victor, and Denmark’s Lego as a way to enable managers to describe, create and challenge their views of their business.

Ritchie: “Embraced extensively overseas, it’s taken a while for LSP to reach New Zealand’s shores, but the time has now come.

“LSP is highly-interactive, fun and grounded in neuroscience. Each bespoke workshop is based around a carefully-structured process and involves ‘hands-on, minds-on’ exercises using specific Lego bricks, accessories, animals and minifigures.

“The traditional way to use Lego bricks is to build models that represent tangible objects from the physical ‘outside’ world (such as ships, castles, houses, etc.).

“LSP uses Lego to build models that represent intangible objects from the ‘inner’ world (such as concepts, ideas, emotions, thoughts and connections). In conjunction with the bricks, LSP workshops utilise metaphor and storytelling, which enable participants to express themselves in new ways, and with 100% participation from the group.

“The LSP methodology has been used all over the world by organisations of all sizes, such as Toyota, Coca-Cola, Google, Microsoft, NASA, Proctor & Gamble, and FedEx; by schools and universities including Harvard, Oxford and The University of Auckland; by sporting codes; not-for-profits; and government departments in countries such as the UK and Australia.”

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