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AUCKLAND, Today: Recruitment agency 3rdeye has established a Covid-19 agency support network to help work remotely with agency teams, or the type of feedback from clients.

Senior consultant Sarah Ritchie said: “This group has been established to empathise with each other. It is our chance to share experiences, such as how you are working remotely with your teams, or the type of feedback you are getting from clients.

“If we can keep the industry communication flowing, then we will be better able to manage this new ‘temporary normal’; be able to see when things start to come right and be able to better plan for the future.

“Covid-19 Agency Support Network is a new LinkedIn group, so it will take a while for people to join and to get the content flowing.

“Please start posting your questions and comments; and invite other agency managers and leaders to join the group. The more people that participate, the more strength we will gain as an industry.

“The creative communications industry is in a precarious position, thanks to the rise of Covid-19. Companies and individuals are wondering how the virus will impact their businesses and where to go to from here. We are already aware of numerous industry redundancies and agencies that may have to close their doors permanently.

“The more people that participate, the more strength we will gain as an industry.”

“We are all on this journey together, trying to keep calm as we move toward an unknown future. None of us has experienced this before; there is no guidebook to follow, nor do we know when we will get to the other side.”

“We are all connected and inter-dependent on each other. Clients and agencies impact each other, and if one agency goes down, others may follow. We need to work together to encourage and support each other through this challenging period so that our industry can emerge strong and confident.

“We’ve been hearing some really heartbreaking stories from agency owners – pulled projects, lost business, redundancies, etc. We have also been talking about how there is no group (that we know of) where senior agency folk can go to share their experiences, empathise with each other, and ask questions from their peers about how different agencies are coping with the current situation. So, we set one up.

“The group is growing quickly – already over 50 senior industry leaders have signed up in just one day.

“This is not a ‘3rdeye thing’, it’s an ‘industry thing’. It’s specifically for agency owners and senior leadership. 3rdeye is right at the coalface – when the industry hurts, we feel it straight away.

“Aand the industry is hurting big time, so we wanted to do our bit to help keep our industry as strong as possible.

“Kia kaha –stay strong.”

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