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Campaign Asia-Pacific has followed up on its recent two-star review of Grey Lynn indie True’s Katie Holmes/Cuba Gooding Jr Air NZ inflight safety video – with no less than a five-star take on the agency’s work, including its latest (the one with the animated Kiwi, Pete, voiced by Sam Neill).

“Air New Zealand, known for turning the in-cabin safety video into an advertising format, has heeded our strategic advice, or at least it seems that way,” says a posting just made to the Campaign website. Read on …

“In July, after the airline’s weirdest safety video yet, we wondered how long the brand will continue to spend on elaborate videos that only reach the people who are already sitting on one of the airline’s jets (Did you know Katie Holmes and Cuba Gooding Jr created New Zealand?).

True, with Plaza
“And now, lo and behold, the airline has launched a global campaign, through Auckland-based True, which features the tried-and-true trope of a cheeky talking animal. In this case it’s a kiwi named Pete, and it’s voiced by actor and New Zealand native Sam Neill, who also appears in human form in the video.

“The campaign has just launched in the UK and US, and will also reach Asia and South America.

“True is also responsible for the airline’s safety videos, which will hopefully continue with their usual loony antics.”

But wait – there’s more …
True’s Air NZ work in general – and Pete in particular – also struck a chord with Adweek: “For viewers, there’s plenty to enjoy in Pete’s premiere,” the site says.

“Neill’s voice work is top-flight—warm and playful, but not cloying or overly cute. Plus, there’s a wealth of fun details and jokes, such as Pete taking silly tourist selfies in the US, and informing a cabin attendant that he won’t need a straw for his beverage right before he starts slurping with his long, slender beak.


Agency: True
MD: Steve Kane
ECD: Craig Pethybridge
Operations Director: Conan Gorbey
Production Company: Plaza
Director: Paul Middleditch

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