Fonterra and Colenso turn to a 5 year old girl to write their latest Anchor Milk campaign

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Everyone knows that milk is full of goodness, but not everyone knows just how much or how useful that goodness is for helping grow healthy kids.

Milk can help in many and varied ways, some of which are surprising, all of which will help your child grow into their potential. And when it comes to our kids, we all want that.

Anchor milk and Colenso BBDO are going to bring these benefits to life in their latest work. The campaign features real stories, from real people, and features real kiwi families. The stories will be told through TVCs, online films, and in print, but will also bring the benefits of milk to life in the real world.

Steve Cochran, ECD at Colenso BBDO, said, “Anchor milk really does help kids grow up healthy and strong. There’s proof of it in every street in New Zealand. We simply found three great examples and filmed them.”

In this, the first installment of three we’ll meet 5 year-old Lila and her mum as they discover the joy of the tooth fairy. We’ll hear Lila’s take on growing older, where teeth come from and the tooth fairy’s roll in it all. Online we’ll meet her mum and find out how she feels about her little girl growing up. And in the real world we’ll help parents bring some of that magic to life with personalised letters from the tooth fairy.

Cochran said “Lila made our job easy. Not only was she extremely cute, she did it without a script. She deserves a mention in the credits below.”

Watch the TVC and behind the scenes film below

And send a Tooth Fairy letter here

Lucy Smith, Brand Manager Anchor, said “Every mum wants the best for their child, and we wanted to bring the goodness of milk to life for them in a surprising and interesting way. It’s no good us just showing someone enjoying milk, these are real milk drinkers, enjoying the health benefits that milk provides.”

The campaign will continue with two more surprising examples of what milk can do and will see kiwi kids starting their journeys to extraordinary things.



Executive Creative Director: Steve Cochran
Deputy Creative Director: Mick Stalker
Senior Art Director: Jim Walsh
Copywriter: Lila – aged 5.
Business Director: Kat Sliper
Planner: Andy McLeish
Media Agency: MediaCom
Production Company: Flying Fish
Director: James Solomon
Producer: Samantha Attenborough
Executive Producer: James Moore
DOP: Marty Williams
Editor: Nathan Pickles
Post-House: MandyVFX

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